Systemic Risk Tomography

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We realize interactive risk maps to navigate the financial system

We discover micro and macro financial risk and safe zones

We capture economic and financial unbalances

An innovative start-up, a university-based spin-off


SYRTO qualifies as innovative start-up, pursuant to Italian Decree 18 October 2012, n. 179, and was awarded the status of university spin-off by the University of Brescia.

Our Story

In 2013 a team of researchers from 5 universities (University of Brescia, CNRS & Paris I Sorbonne, Athens University of Economics and Business, University Cà Foscari Venice, University of Amsterdam Stichting VU-VUMC) was selected and funded by the European Union under the 7th Framework Programme to realize a 3-year project to inspect systemic risks in Europe after the global financial crisis started in 2007 and the European sovereign debt crisis erupted in 2010. A financial system conceived as a biological entity, to be monitored closely to identify the main risk signals and provide the right measures of prevention and intervention. That project was named SYRTO, which stands for SYstemic Risk TOmography.

SYRTO™ Today

In 2019 SYRTO became a university spin-off undertaking a new challenge aimed at transforming and transferring the knowledge and skills achieved during the 3-years project. We continue to do research. We explore and implement. We innovate the market of software protocols for financial risk measurement.

We combine traditional (statistics, econometrics) and advanced computational expertise (Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence) with an in-depth knowledge of financial markets and connected macro and micro-economic dynamics.

What We Do

We develop data visualization tools to explore, understand, and classify high-dimensional data in finance using up-to-date machine and deep learning algorithms. Led by academic researchers, data scientists and market practitioners, our company offers a novel and revolutionary approach to capture the linkages and vulnerabilities of the financial system, offering micro-to-macro/macro-to-micro solutions.

At the edge of technological advances in big data and artificial intelligence, we realize a genetic risk mapping and a personalized risk measurement through Early Warning Systems to use as risk-barometer for non-financial companies, banks and other financial intermediaries, sovereigns.

Welcome to SYRTO.

Management Team

Roberto Savona

Chief Executive Officer.
Professor of banking and finance at the University of Brescia and former principal investigator and scientific
coordinator of SYRTO Project.

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Marco Sandri

Chief Technology Officer.
Adjunct professor of statistics at the University of
Statistician, expert in machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence.

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Chiara Carini

Chief Data Officer.
Teaching assistant of statistics at the University of
Brescia. Statistician, experienced data scientist, former SYRTO researcher and administrative coordinator.

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Michele Costola

Econometrician. Assistant professor at the Goethe University – SAFE
(Systemic Risk Lab). Expert in systemic risk, former SYRTO researcher.

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Board of Directors

Massimiliano Granieri

Chairman. Professor of comparative law at the University of Brescia and international business lawyer.

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Roberto Savona

Chief Executive Officer. Professor of banking and finance at the University of Brescia.

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Stefano Cocchieri

Former corporate sales & marketing at Unicredit.

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Guido M. Mantovani

Professor of corporate finance at the University Cà Foscari Venice.

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Advisory Board

Pierluigi Balduzzi

Professor of finance at the Carrol School of Management – Boston College.

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Monica Billio

Professor of econometrics at the University Cà Foscari Venice.

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Petros Dellaportas

Professor of statistical science at the University College London.

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Giovanni Guida

Professor of computer science at the University of Brescia.

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Paolo Manasse

Professor of economics at the University of Bologna.

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Roger M. Stein

Adjunct professor of finance at NYU’s Stern School of Business and
research affiliate at the MIT Laboratory of Financial Engineering.

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